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Saturday, July 12, 2014

We are moving the Blog.
I know I haven't posted much of anything in the Blog lately.
I have been working in moving the website to a better server
and, as you can imagine, there's a lot of work to be done.
Seven years are not easily move in a day.

My webserver was sold and the new server decided to not update
the service. Posting anything in the website is a struggle lately
because they decided not to update it anymore. I found this little detail
by accident, since they decided not to tell the customers about this
issue. I found out what was going on after months of struggling and the
last drop was that I couldn't even post one of my tutorials.

The new website will have everything I have posted here.
All the recipes, tutorials and photos. Even the old photos from when
I started. You won't miss anything. I am hoping I can add more
tutorials and add a section of advanced tutorials too.

The only thing I can't move is the comments you guys have left
in the guestbooks. That does make me sad. The blog will have
to start fresh, but you can leave comments and it will be easier
to talk directly in the Blog.

Some of the links of the website will change. But all still
will be posted. I hope you like the new website better when
is finished. For now I have finished de new webstore which
I am still testing.
The link to it is:

I am still fixing a few bugs with the shipping and handling
but any overcharges will be refunded if that happens.
So feel free to use it.It will help me figure out what I need to
fix in it.

The new Blog will be:
I don't really like to have to move it all, but I have
no choice. Then I look at how nice the new website is
looking and I think everything will all be ok.

Feel free to go to the Blog and subscribe. I am hoping
the new website is finish before fall. I hope you join
me in this Journey.

Thanks for the support and the love through all these years.
Hopefully I can do more with the new website so everyone can enjoy.

I just posted a New Tutorial on how to make Pineapple Cake Filling.
So go check the recipe and the Tutorial. It is one of my favorite
cake fillings. I will talk more about it in the new Blog.
Hope to see you there!
Pineaple Cake Filling

Click on the photo to visit the New Blog.


Until Next time ta ta!

Edna :)





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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Another sharing Contest!

I want beginners to feel free to share their work. Go and post something you made in my Facebook page:

And make sure to  post a comment in the guestbook above telling me why you want to win.

I will post the winner on Christmas Day! 

Wishing everybody Happy Holidays!

Until next time, Ta ta!

Edna :)








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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas 2013 Contest!
Christmas Contest 2013 Design Me a Cake

Best of luck!

Until next time, ta ta!
Edna ;)

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to get the seeds out of a vainilla bean pod
                                       Click here to see a tutorial on Vanilla beans
The Vanilla Bean is a thin pod that is the fruit of one variety of orchid. Vanilla beans have a sweet, perfumed aroma with a woody/smoky flavor. Pure vanilla can be expensive because the growth and harvesting process is time consuming. vanilla bean
The pods are hand picked and dipped immediately in boiling water to halt their growth. The vanilla bean has no flavor or aroma when is picked. The beans must be cured by heating in the sun and wrapping them to sweat at night for around 20 days. They are then air dried for 4-6 months to ferment and develop that unique aroma and flavor we all love. Despise the expense, vanilla is one of the most common and favorite extracts used in baking.

Inside of a vanilla beanThere are three common types of vanilla beans are:

*Mexican vanilla beans have a smooth rich flavor.

*Bourbon-Madagascar: The beans are rich, sweet and the thinnest of the three beans.

*Tahitian vanilla beans are the thickest and darkest, and although very aromatic they are not as flavorful as the other two types.                           

 When choosing Vanilla Beans, make sure to get plump beans with a thin skin to get the most seeds possible. Pods should be dark brown, almost black in color and pliable enough to wrap around your finger without breaking. If they feel dry they are not fresh.

Make sure that when you purchase them, you store them in plastic in a dry container.

Vanilla beans are usually available either singly or in small bundles often packed in a glass tube or jar, or sealed plastic packages.

One of the most striking differences between pure and fake vanilla involved alcohol flavor. While federal guidelines require 35 percent alcohol in pure vanilla extract, there’s no minimum for alcohol in imitation vanilla, and manufacturers have an incentive to use as little as possible to make synthetic vanillin soluble: If they use more, it costs more to make. This explains why tasters kept describing real vanilla as “boozy,” an adjective rarely applied to fake vanilla. But they also found the real stuff nutty, spicy, and more complex.  (Published March 1, 2009. From Cook's Illustrated.)

 vanilla seeds

Once you try a good quality vanilla extract it's very hard to go back to bad quality ones. Keep in mind that when you are making buttercream, you need to use clear vanilla since you need the buttercream to stay as white as you possibly can. But there are really good companies that sell good high quality clear extracts. For cakes and other confections you can use a more pure form of the extract and you can even make it yourself. I will do another tutorial on how to make homemade vanilla extract on my next tutorial. For now, hope you enjoyed how to work with this amazing bean.



Click this link to see a video on how to get the seeds out of the vainilla bean pod and how to use the outside part to flavor your sugar. In my next tutorial I will teach how to make your own vanilla extract.
Hope you enjoy this information. Until next time..

Ta ta!!!

Edna :)






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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Orlando, FL Class


Don't miss this class, October 19 & 20.


Orlando FL Class

Here is the link to register for the class and all the info!

Click here

Hope to see you there..until next blog,

Ta ta!

Edna :)







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Friday, August 23, 2013

Strawberry Cake Recipe

I created this delicious Strawberry cake for those of you who are fans of strawberries. Make sure to follow the directions and don't use the liquids when using frozen Strawberries. Using all the sugary syrup can make the cake dense and the cake can fail to bake well in the center.
This cake recipe was not created for fresh strawberries. So if you decide
to use fresh strawberries you will need to prepare them
properly to use for this recipe. I will post how to prepare those fresh strawberries in my next blog!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Until Next time,
Ta, ta!

Edna :)

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Friday, April 5, 2013

April 13 & 14 Class


I decided to open another Basket Class since the
one in March was getting too full. Basket Class
We had so much fun at the
March Class, I can't wait
to see my new students in April.
Here is the info on the class:

I am working on my Michigan
Class May 3 & 4.

This will be a great class.
I love everything about this cake.
Astromelias, roses, leaves, triple
bow, drapes and details that can help with
your wedding cakes.

For those who want the info
or to register here is the link:
Click here to register

Hope to see you there!
Until next time...ta ta!
Edna ;)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best keylime Cake Recipe

I love keylime cake and I have been tasting recipes for awhile.
This cake is delicious and it has a pound cake texture.
I use margarine because it turned out to be tastier, but
if you are into real butter and hate margarine go for it.
 If you decide to use margarine, make sure it's a good one.
Some margarines have too much water content, so it would
be better to stick with butter then.

I added  photos of the products I used for those who like that info.
It works wonderful by following the directions, so if you decide
to do your own thing and it doesn't work. Try it again.
It will be worth  it.

Enjoy the tutorial.
The recipe is in thie link:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
Until next time,
Ta ta!!
Edna :)

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays 2012!

 This is my favorite cake design this year. It was lots of fun. 
A bit of ginger, some ornaments and splattered in gold.
Just another take on Christmas.

The video below is just showing some of my favorite cakes
through the years. Hope you enjoy!

Wishing everybody a prosperous and Happy New Year!!
Sugar Hugs!

Edna :)

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

 1 Cup Orange JuiceCranberry Sauce
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Sugar
12 ounces bag of Cranberries
1 tablespoon cinnamon

In a medium sized saucepan over medium heat, dissolve the sugar in the orange juice. Add the cinnamon. Stir in the cranberries and cook until the cranberries start to pop.

You can exchange some of the orange
juice for Grand Marnier and add
other spices like nutmeg to it.

Once you  add the cranberries, when
they get start getting softer you can pop them
using a fork or a potato masher.
If you don't do this they will pop on their own.

Cooked Cranberries

This is the way the sauce will look.
You can let them cook for around
ten minutes or more depending
how thickyou want it to be.
Keep in mind it thickens once it cools down.

Grind Cranberries

You can choose to have the chunks of food
or grind it to a smooth consistency.
After this, you can put it in a jam can
to cool down. The flavors intensify once it cools down.

Hope you enjoy
Until next time,
Ta ta!

Edna :)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Make Marshmallow Fondant Tutorial

This tutorial is a good way to get started playing
with Fondant. Marshmallow Fondant or MMF, is a
type o Fondant that it's a bit easier to make than
regular fondant.

Make sure to follow directions and if something goes
wrong while you are making it, watch again. In doing
this recipe, following the recipe instructions is best to have
a good outcome.

Work with it fast so it doesn't dry. And always cover it well.

As for me..I buy my Fondant. This is a good mix but I still prefer
Fondant better. There are some good Fondant recipes out there but
it's a bit harder to make than MMF.

Hope you enjoy that!
Until next time
Ta ta!
Edna :)

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Share and Win Contest Winner

Congratulations Lori Castle! You are the winner for the
Share and Win Contest. Hope you enjoy your DVD.
Contest winner

Thanks to everyone that participated. I will do another contest soon so stay
tuned. Until next time,
Ta ta!!!

Edna ;)

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Contest time!

Some of you have been asking for a contest. So I decided to do one that
it's easy and fun. It's basically a sharing contest. All levels and skills
of decoration can join. Here are the rules:Facebook Design Me a Cake
1. Go to my Facebook page and like it. 
   The FB button on the right will take you there.

2. Look for the photo I posted below in my Facebook page and
    share it with your other friends in FB.  Press on the photo below
    for a direct link to it.
3. Then last but not least, share a photo of  your own cake creation in
    my Facebook page. It doesn't matter what level of decoration skills
    you have. This is all about sharing!

Anybody can participate in this contest. The winner will win a DVD
from my collection of DVD's. 
The winner will be announced next week!

Have fun and participate!
Until next time...Ta ta!
Edna :)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Make Gumpaste Glue

I made this tutorial for those who like to make gumpaste
flowers and like to know my favorite gum glue. I always
use this glue, not only for flowers but even to glue things
to my cake.  Keep in mind that the glue you use might
Tylosechange depending on what you are doing.

For buttercream if I am doing small pieces I will
use tylose glue, water or vodka or some extract.
If am doing heavier pieces, I will use buttercream.

If I am working over fondant, I can use tylose glue, water, extract or vodka.
For heavier pieces I will use buttercream, royal icing or melted chocolate.

Sometimes for smaller pieces of fondant you can lay them over
a moist kitchen towel paper and that will be enough to stick
the piece over buttercream or fondant.

Too much liquids and the piece will slide down, so
make sure not to use too much glue.

Try it all and find out what works for you but keep
in mind all things works if used properly.

I use only Tylose glue for my flowers. I like it
because it can be made in a thicker consistency.
In the video below I explain how I make it.
I have Tylose available in the website for those
who can find it locally.

Hope you enjoy,
Until next time, ta ta!

Edna ;)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to work with Lace Molds
I love working with lace on cakes. This one is one
of my favorite laces I have ever worked with. 
Molds for laces can vary a lot. Some are all silicone,
some are one sided. This one in particular has 2 sides.
Click on the lace to find more information on it
In this video tutorial I explain how to work with it.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial, until next time
Ta ta!
Edna ;)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buttercream Rose Tutorial

I have been asked for this tutorial for awhile. I finally was able to get it done.
There are many ways to do buttercream roses but to me this is the most basic one.
Remember, practice is key with making these. They can be difficult to learn
for some people but once you learn them you will never forget them.
Hope you enjoy.
Ta ta!
Edna ;)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Magnolia Cake
I did this cake a few weeks ago and a lot of people asked me
about it. The flower is a specimen of Magnolia called
"Magnolia X Soulangiana".  A beautiful flower magnolia gumpaste cutter
with pink tones in it.

The cutter I used is available at the webstore.
Press on the photo to get to it.
At the base of the cake I used a mold. I don't
have the mold available in the website but
here is a photo of it:
I had to mold each square to makegumpasteproducts/extruder.JPG
the ribbon at the bottom of the cake.

To finish it I use the extruder on top and bottom
of the ribbon I created.

The cake was covered in fondant.
I started with a base of purple and
used a brush to handpaint it with some
luster dusts.
For more photos of the cake go here:

On another note, The Central Florida Fair is
coming soon. March 1-11, 2012.
Here is the link to their website:
Central Florida Fair

This is a direct link to the Confectionary Arts rules:
Confectionary Art Premium Book

This is a direct link to register:
Registration Form Central Florida Fair
Registration ends February 15, 2012.

So if you want to be part of the competition,
go register!

Until Next time!
Ta Ta!
Edna :)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pumpkin CakePumpkin Cake Recipe

This is a very delicious moist Pumpkin Cake recipe. Click on the
photo for the recipe and directions.


Hope you enjoy
Ta ta!

Edna ;)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gumpaste Christmas Star

The Christmas Season is here! This is a fun project for a Christmas Cake.

Fantasy flowerIn this tutorial I used the Fantasy Cutter to the left. Both size cutters where used to make the finished star.

Gold Highlighter

I used Highlighter in Gold

Disco DUstThen added some Disco Dust.
You can find these available in the Webstore. Press on them for a
direct link to them.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.
Until next time
Ta, ta!
Edna :)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Food  Network Challenge!

Food Network Challenge

I just posted some photos that were taken the day of our Challenge!

Challenge started with a trip to Denver. Our episode was filmed
April 1, 2011..April Fools day! We arrived 2 days earlier and started
by doing some shopping and getting ready for the Challenge.

We had a meeting where we met the other contestants and the judges.
We were competing against:
Jennifer Matsubara (3 time winner) with Mariella Ortega
Lorie Burcham with Jason Burcham (their second Challenge)
Burton Farnswoth with Sandy Sheppard.

Our Judges were:
Keegan Gerhard
Kerry Vincent
Ashley Vicos (Guest Judge)

The day of the Challenge is a long hard day. We had to be there by
4:30 am. Usually, Challenge gives contestants 8 hours to finish the
cake, but with filming, time can be cut to almost 7 hours.

Our Challenge was intense. We had to do Extreme Aliens. Paul and I
decided to combine both our strengths in the design. His sculpting abilities with my finishing touches. I was supposed to do a mini-tiered cake with
Test Cakeflowers in an hour and a half,
while he sculpted. We both met our
time-line well, but the unexpected twists were insane.

The first twist was at the 2 hour mark. I already had done the mini cake, and was helping Paul with covering the cake in Ganache, when they
took the time clock away from us. They took our watches and phones away, too, so ther was NO way to know the time. All we could do was keep moving.

While I kept finishing, smoothing and texturing the skin, Paul kept covering arms, legs and head. Time came for the SECOND twist! NOT FAIR! There is never more than one twist in Challenge, but guess what? We were in for another one!

For the second twist, they took all of the assistants away. One thing that people forget is that this is a Challenge that needs 2 people. Food Network gives us the name "assistants" but, in reality, we are teammates. Each teammate has steps to follow for the piece to be finished. Taking me away was the worst thing they could have done to Paul and I. Paul had
never worked with my tools, so while we did the the "Mini-Challenge" twist, he wasn't sure what to do with my stuff.

The Mini-Challenge took around 1hour & 15 minutes. We had to make a UFO and fly it across the room with cables. That UFO was heavy! Imagine flying a wedding cake..not nice! Talk about
having a heart attack! I had to get back to Paul, so did the other
teammates, so we worked as fast as possible to accomplish the goal.

As soon as I returned to Paul we got moving with the piece again. Still, we didn't know the time remaining, so we were rushing. Paul was putting the head on the body while I was finishing the aliens attire. We both started airbrushing like crazy. 

We were almost done with the airbrushing and applying the hair when they stopped us to tell us we had one hour left...ONE HOUR! After the airbrushing was done,
there was not much we could do!!!
Had we known we still had a full hour left, we could have done much
more with her attire, then airbrushed.We decided to add a few more
strands of hair and a few more details.

Finally time was up and it was time to move the cake to the judging table. Burton and Sandy moved their cake. It was leaning a bit already, their piece fell. I couln't believe it. What if that were to happen to us?

Then is was Lorie and Jason's turn. They moved the piece and activated their extreme elements. The head didn't move, but they had other elements.

It's our turn next. We had 4 people help us move our cake. It was hard to be even and straight with so many people helping. One toenail fell off! Oh No! The judges noticed. We had to take our piece back to the table to fix the nail, per the rules. Not doing so would mean that the judges would take away points, but moving the piece was dangerous. It could fall.

We decided to move it. As Paul fixed the nail, I noticed the head move a bit sideways and had a hairline crack formed around the nose. We asked if we could fix it, but it was not allowed. We moved the piece back to the judging table as I kept saying "straight, straight, straight" with every step we took.

Paul and Edna with finidhes Alien
It's was on the table, the face still there, the mini-wedding cake was straight, but the plate it was on was a bit sideways. Our piece was safely on the table. The extreme elements worked well. The Alien's arm with a scanner in hand moved up and down. She talked and fog came out of the small volcanoes on the board.

Finally, Jennifer and Mariella moved their cake and did their extreme elements. We where done, except for judging. Now we wait. It's been a long day with no food, so we ate and went to a room off the set with the other Challengers.

Every competitor wass called one a time to go in front of the judges, while the rest of us waited and talked about what happened.

Cake friends
Everybody was dead tired. Finally we were called out to hear the decision.
The day was hard, but the outcome was great. We left the next day to go home to Orlando and couldn't tell the outcome for 6 months. That was hard.

Paul Joachim is a great Sculptor. We complement each other skills so well. I am glad that I was his teammate. People were calling us the "Dream Team." As it turned out, we were. 

Thanks for all the support everyone gave us!
Here is the link to the program: Click Here

Enjoy, ta ta!!!
Edna :)

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