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Cookies & Cream Cake Filling
Best Cream Cheese Buttercream Recipe

If you love Oreo cookies you will love this cake filling. It's creamy and delicious with a nice crunch from the Oreo cookies. Click here to the Chocolate Cake recipe I use with this filling. You can finish the cake with your favorite buttercream. I recommend my Crusting Cream Cheese buttercream or you can use Bettercream or Stabilized Whipped Cream for a lighter flavor.
If you prefer, you can use Swiss or Italian Buttercreams.





*NOTE: Do not use light cream cheese or butter substitute. 
             If margarine is used, icing will be softer.

*Click here to see video tutorial on this recipe.


*In a mixer bowl cream butter and cream cheese together and mix until smooth.

*Add the vanilla extract.

*Add Confectioners Sugar and beat until is mixed well and you get to a good consistency. It can take between 4 to 5 cups of sugar. Add 1/2 a cup at a time to ensure you get right the consistency. I prefer it not to be too soft as it holds better inside the cake. If you add too much sugar by mistake you can add a bit of heavy cream to soften it.

*Add the crushed Oreos. I love using Thin Oreos for this but you can use the regular ones. You can add as much Oreos as you want. I usually add a regular size bag of Oreos to the mix but you can use less if you prefer. You can crush the cookies in a food processor or place them in a plastic bag and crush them manually.  I prefer leaving some medium size pieces to get a crunch in the filling but you can crush them completely if you prefer.


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