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Check these free step by step video tutorials all about cake. From how to make cake recipes, to easy ways to achieve beautiful cake decorations and even simple gumpaste flowers that will get you started in the world

of Cake  Decorating.

Shop for cake decorating tools that are part of my collections of favorite items. Some of these tools will make life easier when you are decorating your cakes.
All the products I've posted I use and love. I hope you
them too.

Find the best recipes for your cakes, buttercreams, fillings, etc. All recipes are tested and work properly. Some of them have tutorials to make sure that you get the best outcome. I will keep adding more recipes to this list so subscribe to my Blog to stay updated with what's new.

Click here to visit the Cake Galleries. In here you will find newer cakes in the Featured section and my older 
cakes in the other Galleries.

Plus a few sections for special

themed cakes.
Hope you enjoy!


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