Buttercreams & Icings Recipes

I love a buttercream with a good consistency. There is many types of buttercream recipes out there. The more common types of recipes are the American Crusting buttercream, the Italian Buttercream and the Swiss Buttercream. I will add to this list the whipped cream used as buttercream and those that are made with non dairy products that have a longer stable life shelf.


I live in Florida and it's very hot and humid. Not all buttercream will do well in a hot environment. Butter will tend to melt and dairy needs refrigeration. Crusting buttercream is the strongest icing out there for hot weather that will cover a cake smoothly. With that said all buttercreams should stay out of hot areas. No matter how strong the recipe is, there's always a melting point. Here are my favorite recipes. I will add more as I have time!

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