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Shipping and Handling Options

Read this before placing an order. 
Payments are done through PayPal. 
We assume no responsibility for incorrect address.

We will ship any order within the US and US territories via USPS Priority Mail.The minimum fee is $7.00.This is ideal for small orders under one pound and orders to Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico. Delivery time is usually 2-5 business days but it is not guaranteed. Usually the medium package will go for $15.00 and it fits plenty. The cost of shipping and handling will change by pounds. This wont show in the PayPal cart. Pay Pal charges by item.  Due to this store being new, 
I am still making sure that the shipping and handling is charged properly. If you feel there is a mistake, know that we always try to find the cheapest way to send the package and if there is a saving, we will refund it to your account. If you prefer not having the refund, you can email me and I can send 
and invoice. Message me to:

If you want to pay using a money order, email me for details on how to do this.
Keep in mind that the check needs to arrive before the package can be sent.

International Orders
For International orders we will use Global Priority. Shipping and handling cost starts at $15.00 for a small package and $40 for a medium package. The medium fits plenty.This might change accordingly to the country from which the order is placed. If you place an International order, it can take 3-5 business days before you receive a new shipping quote. We have to pack, weigh, measure and submit your package information to shippers and wait for replies before e-mailing you with 
the new quote if that is the case. We understand we need your approval before the transaction is complete. We strive to save you money, so if
we see the items in the package can fit in a smaller box, we will return some of the money for the shipping and handling if that is the case. This will change mostly by the size of the item and the weight.

Please be patient, as getting shipping quotes take time. Some deliveries can take around 25 business days to arrive. The cart will take you to PayPal to 
finish the transaction. Make sure your address in Paypal is the correct address.
We assume no responsibility for incorrect addresses.

We have a No Return Policy on DVD's and the items in the store. If there is any damage with a product email us at We will help you the best that we can.

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