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Batter & Icing Guide for Petal Cakes

Use these charts as guide to give you an idea of amount of batter and icing you will need for your cakes. The amount of batter for the 2 inch cake is based on a pan that is 2/3 full of batter. For the 3 inch cakes the amount is based on a pan 1/2 way full of batter. The average cake mix will make an approximate 4 to 5 cups of batter depending on the ounces it has.


The icing amounts are an approximation just as well. The type of icing you use, consistency and amount of icing applied will make a difference between one person to the next on how much icing you will need. But with these, you can have an idea of how much icing you might need to make for your cakes. Eventually you will get to the point that you will not need the charts to know how much icing you will need to make for a cake. In the meantime, I hope this approximations are enough help to get you started.

Batter & Icing chart for Petal cakes
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