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Guava Cake Filling Recipe
Guava Filling for cakes

This recipe is one of the most loved recipe fillings that we use for cakes where I come from. It's very easy to make with Guava paste if you can't find guayabas

where you live.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial.






Puree Guava Mix in Food processor with the juice or hot water until smooth. You can also melt the guava paste in a pot on the stove or use the microwave.

You can use more or less liquids depending on the consistency you want. For thinner consistency add more liquids, for thicker consistency add less. 

If you use the microwave or stove to melt the paste, keep in mind that the mixture is softer when is hot and it will get thicker once is cool down.  
If you want it thicker and have a hard time spreading it on the cake, you can warm it up and it will be easier to spread.

If you are trying to spread it on top of buttercream, the heat will melt the buttercream. You can place the iced cake in the refrigerator to harden the buttercream. Make sure the paste is warm and not too hot. If you still have a hard time with it, you can always thin the paste a little bit more by adding some water. To finish it, you can heat a spatula in water and smooth it out with the hot spatula. Make sure to dry the water from the spatula before using it on the cake.

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