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Gumpaste Rose Tutorial- Part 4
Gumpaste Rose Tutorial- Part 4


You've already learned how to make a bud and add a calyx to a sugar rose. It's time to learn how to add petals. We will be using circle cutters just for this tutorial just in case you don't have rose cutters available. But keep in mind that the right cutters will help you move faster and will look better.

So once you are ready, go get them!

As far as me, I use a five petal cutter to make my roses. I have a rose called the fast rose which is really beautiful and it's pretty fast to make. There are different levels of quality of gumpaste flowers. For my weddings, I like beautiful and fast. For competitions, I like beautiful and realistic. Keep practicing those skills to get to those realistic flowers. Roses do improve with practice, so keep at it and don't give up.

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