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Gumpaste Rose Tutorial- Part 6
Gumpaste Roses Tutorial Part 6


This is the last section of the Gumpaste Rose Tutorial. Keep in mind this tutorial was made so people could easily start 
playing with gumpaste roses. I have a DVD that has 4 hours on how to make Roses where I teach other ways to 
make these beautiful flowers and veiners you can use for them. I also explain how to color them  with Petal Dusts, make the stems, leaves and even thorns. 

Roses require a lot of practice, so don't expert your first few times to get a perfect flower. The more you make them, the easier they get. With time and practice your sugar skills will improve and you can move to more difficult techniques 
that can make your flowers more realistic. I personally believe that for cakes you have to keep the flowers simple, 
because if you spend too much time making them, then they are not cost effective. But if you are planning to 
enter a competition, you do need to make sure the flower looks as realistic and delicate as you can. 

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