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How to Ice a Cake
How to Ice a Cake

 Below is one of my first tutorials on YouTube. It's been many years and someday I want to do a fresh one but then again, it's part of my history and still, it's the way I ice my cakes. I use my Crusting Buttercream Recipe.
Check for it in the recipe section. Crusting Buttercream is the only type of frosting that will let you use paper to smooth it out without the paper sticking to it.
I love this technique because my cakes end up looking like fondant without the extra work. If  I was going to use fondant, it would be after I ice my cake that is double the work.

    In this tutorial, you can learn the basics of how to do a second coat on a cake. A second coat is given after you have done a crumb coat on the cake. If you haven't seen the tutorial, click here to go see it.

     Doing a smooth cake does require practice. I love using a good scraper with this technique. You want one that is  L-shape so it gives you a really nice straight side when you are icing. Don't use scrappers used in building constructions. They rust and they are made of non-food safe materials. You won't have a perfect looking cake in one try. But I will say that practice makes perfect. So keep practicing and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Hope you enjoy!

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