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How to Stack a Cake
Learn how to stack a cake


This tutorial was one of my first tutorials in You Tube .
The cardboard dowels I used back then are from the company Lady Mary Ateco, but this company doesn't have a website anymore. You can get them at Amazon if you want to use the cardboard ones. I have posted a few links to Amazon so you can find them and also added

to other basic type of dowels.
Keep in mind that there are other systems that can be used for stacking cakes that are great also. Some  of them require pieces to be purchased. Choose what works best for you. This is a budget friendly type of stacking system.
Never forget that when you are carrying cakes, they

are not meant to be tilted unless you have a system that was created for that. Moving a cake correctly is just as important as a proper stacking system.

I finally had the chance to re-edit this video since in the original one I used copyrighted music.  Back then I didn't know any better and there was barely no cake tutorials posted in the internet. All I wanted to do was share this with my students back then. I hope you guys enjoy too!

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