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Cookies & Cream Cake Recipe
Chocolate Stout Cake Recipe

I love cookies & cream Cake. I remember when I moved to Florida this was one of my favorite cakes to get from the supermarket. At that time I didn't make cakes. They used back then a non dairy whipped icing on their cakes and the flavor was light but delicious. You can keep the flavor light or you can go bolder with it. This recipe is delicious and creamy. If you want to make the filling a bit more light you can add some Bettercream to it or some Stabilized Whipped Cream but keep in mind that if you use stabilized whipped cream the cake will need to stay in the refrigerator. I prefer my cakes to be room temperature because they are more flavorful. 

You can use your favorite buttercream to finish the cake, including Swiss or Italian. I used Bettercream but when I want a smooth look I use my Crusting Cream Cheese Buttercream
I hope you enjoy!


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Here is what I used to make this cake.
Chocolate Cake Recipe

Cookies and Cream Filling


You can use for covering the cake

Cream Cheese Buttercream

Non Dairy Icing- Bettercreme

Stabilized Whipped Cream

Ganache for Drips

For decorating I used:

Oreo Cookies​

Pocky Cookies & Cream

Nestle Cookies & Cream Bar


Cookies & Cream Cake
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